#10 • How to Be Kinder with the Letter of Appreciation

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Have you ever written a letter of appreciation to a friend? To a colleague, a spouse, to let them know about things that you really really love about them? And to yourself?

What is this for: cultivating a positive mindset, being grateful, bring kindness to your life

Training your mind to focus on the “positive”, the little details that you love, will help you to see more kindness & love around you. It will help you to take a minute (or two 😉 of gratitude to appreciate your life how it is right now, the people around you, the new people you meet and people you’ve met in the past.

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In this episode you will learn about:

• How to write a letter of appreciation for people around you & yourself

• Why it is important to appreciate the small things of daily life 

• Why this exercise is a win-win both for the giver and the receiver

What is the origin of the Letter of Appreciation practice