Fashion Revolution Day 2016 with Ibiza Slowfashion

I arrived in Ibiza three weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that somebody was organising an official, big event to showcase conscious and local fashion designers on the day of the international Fashion Revolution movement. 

Fashion Revolution Day – celebrated annually on April 24th – is a date dear to me, as you can see in my last year’s post from the archives of my previous blog. 

My celebration of Fashion Revolution Day in 2015 – showing off the label! 

The Fashion Revolution Movement, born to commemorate the tragic events of the collapsed fashion factory in Bangladesh, spreads a simple message: “Read the label on your clothes. Where was your garment made?” 

I am an advocate of reading the label, always.  

Call me a “label-freak” but I can’t buy anything without carefully reading where the product comes from or was made and – in case of clothing – which fabric is made of. The composition of the fabric is a substantial part of the garment’s environmental impact and the place of production can tell a long story about its social impact on a global or local scale. 

The only thing I don’t read on the label is the actual brand name. 

At the event, they were stopping people and asking them to show the label of the dresses they were wearing. Then, they would add a signpost with the country of production. Mostly India, Bangladesh and China but gladly I could see quite a few made in Europe, too.

The sticky hearts on the map represent the places where people got their garments produced.

Among the findings at the market place, the Fundacio Deixalles is a social cooperative working for reintegration of the workforce. They craft furniture, fashion items and everyday objects upcycling discarded materials. Funny the pouffe made out of an old washing machine.