The story about taking responsibility

Last Monday, I happened to be exploring a new place – remember?

I was driving in my car, lost my way and found myself driving off a dead-end street. The street stopped at a rusty big gate, looking abandoned but inviting me in through its semi-opened doors. 

As I left the car, I went walking down the road. I finally came to a wild end of the island. 

An area of unnamed, impressive cliff opened at my feet. 

The access to the sea was rough.

Even so, I couldn’t resist my urge for exploring and feeling connected to that beautiful place.

In a matter of seconds I was climbing downwards, eager to reach the pristine water.

Going down to a very steep trail I found a tiny, untouched, forgotten beach.

But only then I realised I was not alone. There was a lot of plastic litter around. Old pieces of plastic drifted by the ocean. What a clash with such virgin environment!

And there was a fresh seagull carcass. Probably chocked by plastic.


I couldn’t go back to the car like nothing had happened.

Most certainly it wasn’t me littering around, but I couldn’t leave without taking action.

So I took off my shirt. Then I engineered a pouch on the spot.  And collected as much plastic as I could carry.

I brought it back to the car and I threw it into the plastic recycling bin. 

Easy, right?

End of the story.




I didn’t collect the plastic because I wanted to show off on my blog – even though I’m doing it right now…

I didn’t climb all the way down to the beach because I wanted to clean it.

I was there just to enjoy Nature. And plastic is not Nature. 

It occurred genuinely to me to collect plastic from a place where it has no right to be and bring it to where it belongs. To a manmade recycling system.

I helped decontaminate Nature. I saved the life of a fish or a bird.

I took responsibility for what we collectively made as humans and so we collectively have to take care of, until plastic molecules will exist.


what you can do

If I did it, you can do it too.

Next time you see litter around and you don’t like it, take it with you and bring it to where it belongs.

“But even if I’ll do it, it has so little impact. It’s like a drop in the ocean…”  – I can hear you saying… I know, I know.

Yet, it is something. Remember, we are MANY MANY MANY drops on this Planet. I am a drop doing it. You are a drop doing it.

We are already having an impact.

Share this story with the drops you love.


Bonus resources

Movie “Inside the Garbage of the World Documentary”
Photo “Midway: message from the Gyre” by Chris Jordan.