The dilemma of living in the city or living in the countryside

living-city-or-countryside-dilemma-artofgreen-aesop-tale-mouse copy

Always longing for countryside, nature, forest, permaculture, gardening, wilderness. 

But also, longing for technology, newness, beauty, art, architecture, human-made solutions. New products, new ideas, talking, exchanging, dressing up (a bit), a broadband super fast internet connection. 

Finally I got it: I am a city girl.

I am a Nature lover city girl. I don’t love vegan, I don’t love green, I don’t love eco-friendly. I love Nature.

I know I am Nature – and you are too, by the way. 

Sometimes people like me meet up in the city. Then they decide to change the world together and live as a collective. Eventually they go plant stuff somewhere, taking care of the land and of themselves. They build eco-villages. 

Some other times people like me go travel the world to volunteer on organic farms (i.e. WWOOFing) or they are proud to join NGOs that work for humanitarian causes.

Me, I feel my mission for healing the planet is to talk to people living in the city –  which are the vast majority – and provide them with the tools to actually change the world, to take care of their health and to invoke – and provoke – a system shift. 


Three months later…



Ok, this was a note I found in my notebook dated 12 of June. Today is 12 of September.

In the meanwhile, I happened to be moving to the countryside. Exactly three months later, I am an official countryside mouse. It is such a life quality shift that I am not sure I’ll ever be able to go back living in the concrete jungle. 

This is the list of the 10 things I love the most after just two months in my new living surrounding. 

10 stunning things about living in the countryside

  1. Touching the soil with bare feet as I wake up early in the morning.
  2. Oxygenating at the light of the sunrise down a centenary tree. 
  3. Watching microscopic dry dots growing into nutrition-dense, thriving, beautiful plants.
  4. Having the stars saying goodnight to me, thousands of ‘goodnights’ every night.
  5. Never feeling alone.
  6. Choosing carefully what to buy and what not to, because going shopping is an effort – and so it is to manage waste. 
  7. Discovering new life-skills. We are all more resourceful than we think. 
  8. Letting pets living free, happy and outdoors. Enjoying their love.
  9. Turning up the music and singing loud. There is no neighbour to disturb. 
  10. Feeling One, with Nature, with others, with myself, with God. 

Thank you for reading. 

Whether you are a Countryside mouse or a City one, happy feasting to you! 



Bonus resources 

The tale of the City mouse and the Countryside mouse. A collection of different versions attributed to various authors, the first one dated back to Horace.