Living in a wi-fi free house

As a professional blogger and online entrepreneur that works remotely, going wi-fi free was not an easy choice to do. 


I mean, I’m not going internet free, just wi-fi free. 


Why shall I go wi-fi free? 


Because I don’t know whether the impact of electromagnetic radiations on my brain, hearth and overall health is safe.


Electromagnetic radiations (EMFs) are a controversial topic in the scientific community. If you want to investigate more, this blogpost is quite informative and comprehensive. 


The “always on” mode is an experiment of our times and I prefer not to be a guinea pig, when possible, if possible. 


As wi fi modems don’t grow on trees, the bottom line we all can agree on is: wi fi is not natural


WI-fi doesn’t grow on trees 


The biological wisdom of our cells, grown over thousands of years, was not meant to encounter wi-fi. As anything else, our bodies and brains can well adapt to it, yet we might consider that we are better off without it. 


I didn’t go wi-fi free because I am a geek of all-natural all-bio (of course I am 😃). Unlike some very sensitive people – e.g. my mom – I do not feel affected by wi-fi nor by cellphone “radiations”. 


I read the symptoms of high exposure to wi-fi are not easy to identify, as kids in high-tech schools report.


It is something subtle that you won’t be able to feel – unless you are one of those few people blessed with hightened bodily sensors or you are an animal.  




It is very comfortable to have an internet connection always on. I use(d) it to stream music, look up a recipe, hang out with my befriended Google, find quick fixes to my countryside living doubts, and so on… 


Besides, I spend a lot of time outside of the house or in the kitchen, which is far away from the wi-fi router – “So I must be kind of safe”, I thought


The wi-fi router was turned on 24h a day at home. Subtly and continuously, it was affecting not only our quality of sleep, but also our pets and plants. 

It was my partner C. who took the decision.

He has more life experience than I do – and sometimes I think he is even freaker about all-natural-all-bio than I do… that says it all! 


One morning, he turns off the router and says

“Honey, I’ve been knowing about the wi-fi side effects for a long time. Indeed in my house I always kept it turned off.


Then I had other people in the house, they were using it, I was using it, you were using it… the commodity of it took over and I forgot that it IS in my power to turn it off, at least when I don’t need it. 


Instead of worrying about the ‘radiations’ and ‘electrical waves’ we are increasingly exposed to, I can cut this continuous, subtle stress by the click of a button.


How about keeping our house wi-fi free by default? 


You are welcome to turn it on when you need to.” 

Of course. I agreed.


This means mindful living to me. Knowing what I am doing and why I am doing it. Be conscious about my lifestyle choices and the impact they may have. 


MINDFUL LIFESTYLE AND NATURAL LIFESTYLE GO HAND IN HAND. Basically, when you endeavour to live naturally, your brain is turned on again. 


I am thankful of such a great technology like wi-fi and I invite it to my home. Only, I am in command – so I mindfully decide when and how to use it. 


This is how I re-organised my working-life. I selected a few places on the island with solid wi-fi connection and I go there to work. I stay in my new “office” short hours, by chunks of 2-4 hours maximum per day. 


While I am there, I remember to download music and podcasts to my mobile device so I can listen to them later. This way, I make sure to have my audio companion always available throughout the day. 

A few weeks into a wi-fi free lifestyleI decreased my wi-fi exposure to only 15-18 hours per week. At the same time, I increased my productivity by +75%. 


Not having wi-fi always available creates in me a sense of urgency and a healthy stress when I have it. This stimulates my brain to focus and work harder.


Now, I happily work at the cafe, our pets wag happily their tails in the wi-fi free house and C. happily satisfied his manly ancestral need of protecting the family from external dangers (the wi-fi!).


It is a win-win for all. 


Happily wi-fi free,



PS: if you want to reduce your electromagnetic exposure and protect your brain and you energy field, you can look into orgonitesor simply TURN.OFF.YOUR.WI-FI.AND.CELL.PHONE for as long as you can. 


(Artwork by me, photo credits: Roman Averin via Unsplash)