Fresh start

Glad to Rejoin


Hello folks! Happy new Year! 


Holidays are over, freshness is back. Fresh ideas, fresh start, everything looks fresh to me today – maybe because it is an unusual chilly morning in Ibiza. 


I didn’t write any updates last month because I decided to spend time with my family. I dedicated the full, long weeks of December to visit my original family members in Italy, mingle with them and be present. 


Gift idea for any time – not just Christmas


I believe the best present we can do to our dear ones is Presence. Spend time with them, be there, play together, cook, walk, enjoy life together. If possible talk. If your vulnerability allows, introduce some deep talk, too. 


For the first time in my life, December felt like an interminable month. I was disengaged from the usual frenzy of Christmas, as I didn’t feel any responsibility on me other then be present. 


Funny how we call gifts “presents”, for only in our full presence – mind, body and spirit – we can offer the most precious gift to people around us. With the heart open, our light shines from within. 



New Year ASLEEP, greeting the dawn


This New Year brought a fabulous celebration of honouring love, life, the body, the planet, abundance and good neighborhood.


On the last day of the year, my partner and I did a powerful two hours training session from Tibetan monks martial art tradition. After visiting our neighbours in the afternoon and feasting on apple cider and chocolate-cookies cake, our bodies were too tired to stay up all night. 


So we offered them some rest. Midnight came while we were asleep. 

Later in the night, a previously set alarm clock woke us up at 2.30 am and we drove halfway the island to join a firewood celebration at a friend’s house. 


A small circle of people was singing by the fire outside, staying awake in the darkness of the night. At 6 am we all prepared for the purifying ritual of Temazcal.

When we got outside of the sauna tent, the first sunrise of the new year was there to greet us. 


Setting intentions for 2017


The turning point of the new year is an excuse to put your life on a screen and observe it like if it was a movie. Usually, the more you go away from something, the more you can see it in its entirety. There is a certain distance at which you can see even the invisible threads of correlations that hold it up together


This we call clarity.


This year I was blessed with enough solo time, resources and willpower to find some answers inside of me. I like to say uncover, rather than find, as they have always been there. 


I am a keen fan of mental hygiene – the process of being mindful about your thoughts and keep them aligned with your intentions. I am involved in this process all year around, yet I am grateful for the peak of clarity that accompanied my 2017 fresh start. 


I wish you all Joy and Fulfilment 

for the Fragrant days ahead,