Ep 1 ‚ÄĘ ūü•ó Healthy Lifestyle VS. Natural Lifestyle

I coined the expression Natural Lifestyle to refer to a way of living that is not just a ‚Äúhealthy lifestyle‚ÄĚ. 


In a healthy lifestyle you get to eat well, move well and prevent diseases for yourself. 


But what about what you eat and how you move? 


The Natural Lifestyle goes deeper into this. It is not only about yourself. 


It is about the awareness that you are part of something bigger and ultimately your own health and well being depends on the health and well being of other parts of the system, too. 


A Natural Lifestyle creates awareness around the impact of your daily actions and choices.

It sets you up to feel engaged with your environment (natural, social, cultural) and to feel purposeful to it. 

My coaching sessions focus on re-discovering & re-connecting your inner strength and power, vibrant health, freedom and fulfilment. 


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