Natural Lifestyle Tips for Traveling Light ✈

I like traveling and I love traveling light!


These are some of the tips I’ve put together for you after my last trip to Los Angeles.


These tips are good for any kind of trip you are planning on, especially if you are planning to go to a big city and a Western type of country (i.e. Australia, South Africa, U.S., any country in Europe, etc.). 


More than traveling tidbits, they are my 3 best tips on what to put in your backpack to travel light. 


1 ✈ Reduce, reduce, reduce… 


Spread out all the clothes, shoes (see tip no. 3 further down), accessories & objects you’d like to bring, then select just a few of them.




“The less you bring the happier you’ll be!”


Really less is more here.


When you are backpacking, you’re going to carry around all of your stuff. All of your stuff. Always. 


Style tip (I could not avoid talking about style… I’m Italian!): prefer basics – basics are easy to wear, to wash on the go and to pair. Add just a couple of extravagant items – some of your favourites – to make you look good and unique on your IG stories! 


2 ✈ Shop, use & donate


Buy clothes at second hand stores of the city you are at. This will make your suitcase lighter and give you a better chance of blend your style in with the place & culture you are visiting. 


Plus, it gives you the opportunity to respond well to weather changes without carrying too much. 


You will also be supporting recycling and reducing the waste & pollution that go into the fashion industry, as we all know…


Another thing that makes you more of a Natural Lifestyler is that if you purchase at a second hand store you’ll be supporting a local economy or local charity network.


This makes you feel more connected to the environment & purposeful to it, instead of buying cheap stuff from big chains. 


3 ✈ No heels admitted (for women), no sneakers needed (for men)

Carry barefoot shoes only.

They are the lightest shoes I’ve ever carried and they take up very little room in your luggage.


They are incredibly comfortable, your feet will be happy!


Pack 2-3 pairs – they can get wet and you don’t want to go around barefoot for real! Unless you are going to Hawaii…. 


Note about barefoot shoes in the city:  If you are planning on visiting a city and walking for long distances, I’d suggest you take a few insoles with you


Put them into your barefoot shoes and you will have that extra padding needed for hard, unnatural surfaces. 


You can adjust your padding as you go, depending on how tired you feel your legs and feet at the end of the day. 


For hard surfaces like concrete I usually put 2 insoles in my Vivos + thick organic cotton socks. 


That’s another reason why I prefer Vivobarefoot over Fivefingers.


The former has wide, un-splitted toe box.


I can add regular insoles to them and adjust the padding of my shoe to the demands of the environment I am moving through and how my body feels, day by day, hour by hour. 


If you are planning on going hiking, there is a nice article by Expert Vagabond that talks about Luna barefoot sandals. 


Last but not least, remember… 

the most important thing to pack is an open mind & heart! 

With the wish to be safe in your travels, 




PS: I’ve just ordered my first pair of Lunasandals… can’t wait for them to arrive! They are made in the U.S. but I’ve ordered from the official European online reseller for faster shipment & smoother transaction!