Ep 5 • ☘ The Quickest Guide to Grow your own Sprouts at Home

Recap of the steps I mention in the video above…

How to sprout in a glass jar at home

What to sprout: you can sprout anything that is a seed, everything that would grow if it’d be put under the soil. 

With this method you can sprout: legumes, grains & shelled nuts. 

Step 1 • Get some whole, unprocessed, raw, non-toasted & organic seeds, grains or legumes. 

Step 2 • Soak it! 

Soaking time goes for as little as 6h for cashew and for as long as 24h for grains. Grains & legumes do best if soaked in slightly acidic water, almonds & nuts in salty water (i.e. originally seawater). Check out Radiant Life blog for a complete guide to soaking. 

Step 3 • Cover the jar with a linen cloth, put it facing down (not straight, as I show in the video!)

Step 4 • Rinse it every day

Step 5 • When it has grown as you like, let it dry & store in the fridge!

Your sprouts are ready to eat for… 

• quick nutritious snacks

• refreshing & hearty salads

• any recipe you were doing with the non-sprouted ones… 

Experiment & have fun!

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PS: I’m available to support in your sprouting troubleshooting, just book a free 20 mins call with me here!