Ep 10 • 🥕 Know your Veggies & Choose wisely for a Vitamin boost

In this video I show you the difference (touch + smell + color AND nutritional content) between a carrot from our garden & one from the local farmers’ market. 

Carrots are a wonderful vegetable, they are rich in carbohydrates, vitamin A, betacarotene & other stuff. 

Moreover, you can do almost anything with them: you can have them raw, cooked, in juices, in cakes…

The only thing I  haven’t seen yet is a carrot ice cream! – but other than that you can use them in so many different ways.

How to make the most of the nutrition carrots provide? 

1. to enhance vitamin A absorption, make sure you put some extra virgin olive oil or ghee on them, as vitamin A is fat soluble

2. to enhance betacarotene absorption, cook them for a while. I like them with lemon & rosemary!

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