Ep 11 • 💆 Natural Hair Wash Paleo Friendly with Clay

This is a bit of a longer video…

If I told you I wash my hair with clay… yes, simply clay, earth, soil... mmmh.. what would you have thought?! 

Better I show you exactly how it works, so you won’t get scared by the thought of it.

Clay is wonderful for my hair.

I have thick yet fragile, non-colored, quite frizzy hair and this method works amazingly for me! 

When I tried to go no-poo (as they say), I was using baking soda + vinegar for a while.

However, my scalp was itchy & I was no happy with it. 

I kept the vinegar rinse though – that’s a must for shiny hair!

As a natural conditioner I use coconut oil or more often the leftovers of my morning avocado (more local than coconut! – wink). 

As I promised in the video, this is the link where I bought natural clay shampoo (non affiliate, just thought you’d like to have).

Give it a try & let me know what you think on IG! 

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