Ep 12 • 🌀 How to Drink Real (structured) Water

You can find many water (re)structuring tools on the market. This is where I bought the one I show in the video (non-affiliate).

Twister liquid blender is made in Austria from BPA free plastic. 

It is easy and light to carry around during the day.

I give you the link to it because it is not easy to find on the internet… 


If you are into structured water, you understand its health benefits and you want to take an all-over-the-house approach, you can consider in-house structuring water systems such as Gemwater (again, non-affiliate). 

Why would you want to consider this?

Because your mouth is not the only way you get water. A better quality water will benefit your skin & your plants, too. Visibly. 


The great guy to whom we owe the water structuring technology is a passionate scientist from the XX century called Viktor Schauberger. As many of the geniuses of our times, he has a moving bio story you can read about here

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