Word Environment Day, Just do this One Thing to Be With Nature 🌼

This week it was Word Environment Day – another version of the Earth Day. 


The World Environment Day is to celebrate Nature and you being with Nature & taking care of Nature. 


In this article, I’m going to share with you my number one secret for smooth & easy Planet-care. 


You can put in action today and start to care more about the Health & Safety of the environment you live in. 


The hurdle is that caring about the environment gets people lazy


I hear even the most conscious & nice people saying things like…


“The Environment? There is too much to think about!”


“This little thing I do won’t make any sense on a world-scale.”


I’m already worrying about my kids, my partner, my parents, my health… cannot deal with the environment, too!”


It is not my job. There are governments & NGOs for that.”




I’d like to buy more eco-friendly products, but they’re so expensive… I can’t afford it.”


Folks, this is not a matter of buying, worrying or doing somebody’s else job.


This is important to every single one of us. 


The environment is you and you are the environment


If you are reading this, chances are you don’t live in a space shuttle


Chances are you are drinking water (it comes from springs), you are eating food (even if uber-processed and packaged, it comes from a natural source) and you are producing waste


Every day of your life. 


Can you visualise stuff coming in & going out to/from that little dot that is you on Planet Earth? 


You are not an isolated cell. You are a cell of a bigger natural system, even if you didn’t do anything, just by breathing. 


There is an exchange. 


How do you want this exchange to be?


The more you keep it clean, the cleaner you get it back from the Planet. 


I understand that marketing, media and lots of eco companies are telling you a thousand of different things to do (& to buy! – wink) to “be kind to the Earth…”


… but really?! 


There’s only one thing you can do that matters


That is, think of the impact of what you are doing. 


In one word, 




(I told you earlier, most people get lazy about this…).


The only one thing I do to take care of the environment


Impact means: before + after. 


Where does this come from, who made it, using what AND how am I gonna use it? When and how am I gonna throw it away? – this goes for products i.e. clothes, house ware, food…


What am I putting out into the environment AND what am I taking in – this goes for actions, i.e. eating, moving, traveling… 


If you start doing this one thing (systematically!) you won’t get stressed any more, you will be doing A LOT MORE for yourself & for others, plus your wallet won’t be affected. 


This is the best action you can do on the Word Environment Day, on the Earth Day and on all the other days of the year! – smile. 


Even me, that I am a Green Addict – as they used to call me – I only do one thing for the environment. 

I don’t need to do more. 

You don’t need to do anything more than thinking about the impact you generate – before you act!


Or after you acted… so you know it for the next time! And you can change something!


Some examples to make it clearer


You are going to buy some clothes…

You consider if you like the style, if it’s in the right size and have a quick look at the price tag. And…? 


Didn’t you leave out a couple of relevant infos?


Like what is the garment made of, who made it, where, in which conditions, what you are going to do when you are done with it, etc, etc? (btw, have you ever tried thrift shops? They’re a low impact option… try them when you travel! – read more here.


You are going to wash my hair… 

Are you using a shampoo? An eco-shampoo? 😓

Great, because they are both full of chemical compounds, most of which are toxic & harmful not only to your own skin but also to… the environment! (See here a Natural Lifestyle alternative to wash hair). 


Label of an organic “ecocert” shampoo. 

Label of an organic “ecocert” shampoo. 


You got the point. 


It’s what I call Circular Thinking. 


You don’t need to wait until the UN makes a new pilot project about circular economy. 


You can have your own circular economy at your place, in your own lifestyle & shopping choices. 


Choose high quality & lasting

over cheap & quick.


Choose moving your body

over getting transported.


Choose creative solutions

over following the masses. 


Happy to keep Connecting with You & with Nature,