#6 • A Swiss perspective on Eating Locally, Humans-Nature Integration and the Kids Dilemma

Contemporary Conscious Women Interviews

Not an ordinary Landscape Designer

Today’s guest is Melissa Pestalozzi from Switzerland: learn about the beauty and transformation that comes through long term romantic partnerships, healthy relationships with your parents and tips on how to stay connected to your voice & body throughout the day. 

Also, you’ll hear about… 

• Does your name define your personality?… In this case it looks like so

• What is landscape design and how it serves us. 

• Is it possible to be living your dream life, even if you let go of the dreams you had about yourself when you were a kid? 

• The dilemma of having kids or not: is this world we live in good enough for them? What is our responsibility?

Due to the size of the file, the episode can take up to 1 minute to start after you click the PLAY button. A bit of patience 😉 


Watch Melissa dancing

This video was recorded in Copenhagen in April 2014.

I used to have a reflex and take photos…


The Orange Bench Landscape Design Project

It was a very windy day… Like always in Denmark! You can see me in student version and together with Melissa on the micro-bench. 


And the Energizing Lymphatic Face Massage…

Try this at home!