Coaching for a purposeful life

Life coaching to find your life purpose

You feel there is a bigger purpose to your life, but you can’t see clearly what it is?

Or maybe you know what it is, yet you feel disconnected from it?

You want to find that purpose to be fulfilled, satisfied and constantly inspired.

Yes, because that’s what a purposeful life is all about.

A purposeful life is inherently joyful and fun. You’re having fun while you’re living up to your own purpose (or mission, or calling, or passion), as this is what you’re meant to be, do & feel.

As you connect deeper and deeper with yourself, from the physical to the spiritual level, you’ll find yourself on a never ending journey of creating happiness from the inside.

“A purposeful life can’t be but intentional ”

Intention VS. Control

Intention is when you listen to your voice inside – from the heart, Heaven, the soul… We don’t know where this voice comes from but It is our own unique trustworthy guidance. 

No one can tell you what to do but yourself, right?

I mean, what you really want to do.

You intuitively know it. You’ve been knowing it all along.

Intention is truthful & aligned with your heart desires. 

It feels like an old intimate friend talking to you.

She can’t be wrong. She knows you so well.

You can set your intention, ground into it – and let go of the rest.

On the contrary, when you are controlling things… you can’t let go of the rest.

You are the boss of your life, but not in the sense that you can give your life a task and expect it to be due by a certain deadline.

You are the employee. And you are your own boss, too.

Do you like the feeling of being controlled?

Imagine when you are using control on your life (any area, it can be love, health, work, family relationships, etc.).

This requires a tremendous amount of energy and you might get to the point where it doesn’t feel right any more. Or where you feel stressed, sad, frustrated. 

Control is something you can keep or loose.

Have you ever heard of someone loosing their intention instead? You can consciously decide to stop or change your intention, but you can’t just loose it.

But when you loose control… it’s so scary!!

So why would you want to rely on something that… 

• it costs you a lot of energy when you keep it

• it scares you and puts you off of your center you when you loose it


Am I controlling too much? Am I controlling too little?

You never know! The point is: you don’t care.

It doesn’t care how much or if you are able to control the external situation (the conditions of your life, things that happen to you), as long as you care about your intention(s).

Setting clear and conscious intentions is the fastest and most energy-saving way to live Your Purposeful Life.

How to have a Purposeful Life

You don’t happen to “have a purposeful life”, you create it!

Actually, there are different theories around this… I believe everyone – – of us has a great purpose in their life. The thing is, they feel their life is without a purpose until they “un-cover” it.

That’s why we say to create a purposeful life, as the “uncovering” is like a creative process.

It takes intention, dedication, good will, focus, sometimes sweat, sometimes patience…

The most successful people you know, you’ve heard of or you admire have intentionally created their lives! 

Coaching for… what?

It can happen that we work a lot to get where we want to be, then when we finally are there we’re not happy. We expected something different.

Well, maybe it was not our deepest dream after all.

“Ups, this was not my purpose after all” – we think.

Our society and culture are very miraculous for this: they create so much pressure and conditioning that we all fall victim of it, in some way or another.

That’s why it’s important not to loose the connection to your deepest self, your own voice from the heart, your own little miracle.

Sometimes, life gets too cluttered, tiring, busy or stressful that we cannot listen to our deepest desires anymore.

We feel like something is wrong with us, something is not working.

Why are we not making progress?

It’s normal to feel lost and without a focus at some point in our lives. A good and sincere talk with your best friend or spouse will help you go through this.

If this is not enough and you’ve been feeling “a bit off” for a while, a few dense, flavour-rich coaching sessions can help you remove blocks and unleash your inner power