#3 • Manage your Thoughts (and Reduce Anxiety) in 6 Weeks

Listen to the transformational story of Maruša, as she witnesses a profound change in her state of mind during the 6 weeks of The 6 Weeks Empowering Program. 

Here are some excerpts from the podcast.

Maruša is speaking about her biggest successes & challenges during the coaching program. 

The best part is that I’ve accomplished my goal.
— Maruša



The Problem

The area I felt most out of balance with was Family & Romantic relationship. 

It is very important in coaching you have a clear goal... So we set a clear goal to wake up in the morning with a positive mindset. 

My biggest problem at that time was that I had a very rough start of the day, feeling anxious and not good enough, nothing was good enough… I wanted to put a different energy in my family & romantic relationship. 

The Result

Now I have a different perspective and different tools.

I have tools, I know I can do something, always.   

Coaching is like exercise but it’s mental, not physical.

Each time I’m challenged I can overcome whatever is bugging me. 

And especially the presence of the coach figure (Sara)…

I didn’t feel alone anymore.

Somebody was very interested in me in a very compassionate way.

Very accountable. 

That was a huge energy boost for me.

I had a goal, I had dream, I had a vision. Coaching helped me see that clear, actually. Coaching helped me visualise those more clear, visualise them better. 
— Maruša

The Challenging Bit

The hard part was discipline.

Sometimes it can feel a bit like homework

and I’m that kind of girl 

I hate to do what I’m told to

It was hard, I had blocks of doing it

But I did it anyway (most of it)

‘cause in the end I wanted to do the homework

I could see the direct effect on my life [of the homework].


Coaching VS Self-help and Therapy 


The difference with reading self-help books 

I used to think: “I can access this [the next stage of self-development]] myself because I’ve always done it” 

But it is very different with a coach. 

For instance, you don’t have to do everything yourself, always,

by yourself find the motivation, etc, etc. 

Even more so, your coach is helping you with seeing your blind spots. 

It’s faster, easier and it’s much more pleasant! 


The difference with therapy 

Therapy is a process, coaching is much more practical and goal oriented. 

The energies are very different, I love to have them both at the same time. 

Choose a coach you feel connected and safe with.

If you feel drawn to this person, than trust that! That’s Human Connection! 


3 Things I Loved

Three of the things I enjoyed most in coaching – and from which I got the most benefit from are… 

  1. The importance of writing by hand: Journaling, a lot of exercises.
  2. Conscious language: substituting single words (specific keywords).
  3. A guided session of The Work by Byron Katie. (It is an exercise to make you aware of your own power to change your thoughts). 

Things can change and things can be done, it’s all up to you.

If it was very easy to change thoughts, everybody would just do it and nobody would suffer. At the same time, even though is not easy, it is something everybody has the power to do!
— Maruša