Ep 22 • 🌜 Feminine Energy & Nature Connection at Moon rise

Connect to nature & enhance your feminine energy

If you feel your feminine energy is blocked or if you are looking for some nature connection activities, let me remind you of the connection between women and the moon.  

Moon meditation is a simple & accessible way for cultivating feminine energy. Plus, it deepens your connection with nature

If you want to choose a specific time for connecting with the moon, I recommend to choose moonrise or moonset.

In the video I report back the experience of watching my first moonrise. This moment was so magnetic & beautiful that it naturally turned into a powerful divine feminine energy meditation. 


PS: deepening the connection with feminine energy & the moon is not only for women, but also for men! Everybody has originally both energies inside them, the feminine and the masculine, the yin & the yang. 

You can try this alone or in couples & let me know what you think on IG!