Ep 19 • 🍴 Healthy cutlery to preserve nutrition of your food

Healthy Cutlery don’t oxidise your food to preserve nutrition

Bone spoons are more long lasting than wooden ones as they don’t get mould – clearly an option not suitable for vegans though

Wood doesn’t oxidise like metal does, so it maintains the original nutrition of the food. 

Your body will thank you – and the environment, too! 

Prefer wooden cookware over metal or non-sticky ladles


Connect to your food with hands eating 

Another great option for healthy cutlery  is not to use cutlery at all! 

Eating with the hands is still common in many cultures (in Africa & in India) and it satisfies our primal desire of connection with food

Personally, I like to eat homegrown hearty salads with hands… they taste better! 😉