Ep 21 • 🤧 How to use neti pot & yoga nose cleansing

Yoga nose cleansing videowith seawater

In this video I show you how to use a neti pot for a cleanse morning ritual that is good for your health & to prevent nose congestion. 

I recommend to use a ceramic neti pot, even though it is easier to find a plastic one today. They say plastic neti pot is better for traveling… I traveled a lot with my small ceramic neti pot & it’s never been a problem!

Some of the neti pot benefits are – among others:

– avoid or quickly cure colds

– better hearing

– improved eyesight

🤧 clean your nose like yogis do! 🤧

Yoga-nose cleansing-neti-pot-how-does-it-work


Before & after the nose cleanse with neti pot – can you spot the difference? 

(hint: can’t really see any…)