Nudism to connect with nature & love yourself 🎭

Naturism as a nature connection practice

Have you ever tried to lay naked in the sun? And to swim naked in crystal clear sea? The term “skinny-dip” went popular in the US in 1947 and it indicates people swimming without a bikini [1]


Every time I do it, nudism has helped me connect to nature


First of all, to my own nature as a human being in a woman body. Secondly, as a human being connected to others and the natural environment. 


Nudism consists in exposing every inch of your body to light, air, temperature and a natural interaction with the environment throughout your movements. 


I grew up in a family & culture where nudism is a taboo. In the West it is considered a “hippie thing” and “something for weirdos”. 


I’m not one of those people who thinks we should go around naked and we don’t need clothing.

Society needs clothing – and we live in a societal setting.

But when you are by yourself – you, yourself & nature – what is wrong with showing up as fully you? Instead of hiding your “taboo parts” behind pieces of clothing? Who said they were taboo in the first place anyway? You mum? Your primary school teacher? The Church?…


Nudism to connect to nature & love yourself

The science behind naturist sun bathing 

It turns out that nude sunbathing is good for your health. Everybody knows that skin exposure to the sun enables the formation of Vitamin D in our body [2].

The broader the surface you expose, the shorter time you’ll need. 10-15 minutes every day of full body sun exposure (at the right time of the day) seem to do wonders to keep our bones & hormone balance healthy. That means it has a positive influence on your acne, too. 

Moreover, there is a study on naturist sun bathing showing the psychological health benefits of it [3].

Nudism seems to grow your sense of life satisfaction, to improve your body image and give you higher self-esteem.


Body image, negative self-talk, self-esteem, life satisfaction… these are all very common issues nowadays. People struggle with low self-esteem and not loving their bodies all the time. They want to pay for therapies and read self-help books about it but… 


… they could just take off their clothes out in the sun! 


We don’t have to pay for sunlight (yet!) and it’s the best natural antidepressant [4]. 


We naturally feel the good vibes of the rays of sun caressing our skin. If it happens while we are naked, we improve our self-confidence at the same time! 


Dr. Mann, a relationship expert and creator of the “No More Diet” app say: “Being in the nude reduces shame, you can work on self acceptance and that can be very healing.” [5]. 


You’re working on your self acceptance already by being naked in a social setting (es. a nude beach). If you want to work more actively on your self-love and body image, scroll down to see the self-acceptance exercise I recommend. 


Nudism DOS & DON’TS


  • Don’t do nudism to show off.


  • Don’t go to nudist beaches to look at others.


  • Don’t expose your sensitive parts (or any other parts actually) to the sun during its strongest hours. 


  • Don’t do it just because you want a full body tan free of bikini signs. 



  • Do it because you love it.


  • Do it with intention.


  • Do it because it gives you a sense of self-confidence. You, fully you, in your own fully beautiful body.


  • Do it in an outdoor space that is out of sight (over time, you won’t mind about being in sight either). 


  • Do it alone at the beginning, as a self-love ritual of connection to yourself & self-acceptance. 


Self-acceptance exercise to connect to your body


After having practiced nudism by yourself (for example, on your own terrace or garden) and you feel ready to go to a nude beach, go there alone or with a close friend / partner. Someone you trust and with whom you don’t feel embarrassed. 


Taking the nudism exercise to the public arena (the naturist beach) is a great way to learn how to love & accept the whole of yourself more. 


We tend to judge others out of habit, as soon as we see them. If you read some lines above, I already told you one of the don’ts of nudism is looking and staring at others. 


Even if you don’t want to, you will still see other naked figures around you and your brain will go something like “Oh, look at that dick, how short / long it is”, “Mmmh… so weird that breast”, “How ugly is that old woman’s body! Why is she even naked?!” – and so on, you got the idea… We will call these type of thoughts judgements

The first person you have judgements towards is usually yourself . Your own body image is shaped by the thoughts you have about it. 



This is when the self-acceptance exercise starts!


When your brain sends you any kind of judgemental thought towards other bodies (it can be either way: how beautiful, how ugly or how weird something is…), turn to your own body and say words of love & acceptance to yourself. 

Say words of love and acceptance towards yourself about that same body part you are seeing / judging in others. 

For instance, as you glimpse at another woman butt you think how flabby it is – and that maybe yours is even flabbier – say to yourself  “I love you, my butt. Some people may think you are flabby, some other may not, I don’t care. I love you fully and completely just as you are”. 

Do you ever talk words of appreciation to your body – when you are in front of the mirror for example? Normally, we do the contrary. When we look at ourselves in the mirror or in pictures, our judgemental thoughts go towards the “wrong” or disliked parts of our bodies. 

Poor bodies! They’re so mistreated… 

Let’s be gentler with them!

Me sunbathing nude on a terrace in LA last February

Me sunbathing nude on a terrace in LA last February


Mind-body health benefits of naturism 

After reading this article, I hope you got convinced by the numerous benefits of naturism for your body & mind health! 

Thanks to the practice of nudism and skinny-dipping, you can… 


• deepen the connection with your body and bodily sensations


• learn to accept and love all of the parts of yourself, in a very experiential way


feel connected and safe in a (controlled) natural environment & social setting 


• besides, it’s a potent antidepressant and vital source of Vitamin D & hormones regulation


Will you give it a try this summer? 




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