Pick up digital fasting đź’Ś

How many hours did you spend in front of a screen today?

How many hours did you spend in front of it yesterday?

How many times are you going to look at your phone tomorrow?

We live in a ‘digitalized’ world.

‘Digital’ used to be an antonym to ‘analogical’.

Almost any moment of our day happens in relation to a screen. Any screen is a layer of separation. The digital world gives us great opportunities, yet it cuts out some others.

Today, we know only ‘digital’ and we forgot all about ‘analogical’.

You can do many things by looking at a screen.

You can do grocery shopping online, but you can’t grow your food.

You can talk to a friend on the other end of the world, but you can’t hug her.

You can take a stunning picture of a flower, but you can’t smell it. 

Pick up Digital Fasting

Digital fasting is a simple habit to pick up.

It is like fasting, not from food but from screens.

Full abstinence from all things digital.

Mostly screens, like iPads, TVs, smartphones, computers.

It is an exercise of awareness of our true nature. To come back in touch to our Nature of biological creatures.

Think about what are the things you can do without the need of a screen. Or better say, the things that you actually can’t do through a screen.

Probably you are thinking of baseline activities like making food and eating it, taking a shower, hugging a friend, making love, running, swimming, moving.

But also, going to a party, making new friends, making yourself beautiful, enjoying your senses, playing an instrument, dreaming, thinking, writing, crafting, fixing, touching, singing, and so on…

Simple things that account for a meaningful and joyful life.

… and that unfortunately cannot find time into our busy schedules of a digitalised world.

So let’s bring the time back in!

Pick up digital fasting! Try it out, for one day or half a day!

For example, this Sunday restrain yourself from anything digital. Every time you find yourself reaching for the phone… stop it.

Want to take a veeeery cute picture? Take a mental one!

Need a piece of information? Ask your Mummy! (…leave Google out for a day!!!)

Can’t find an address? Ask a local pedestrian!

Being cold turkey on Facebook and Instagram? Go. Hang. Out. With. Some. Real. Life. Friends.

Work your independency out of digital!

Digital is great. Being mindlessly dependent on it is the problem.

Simply ask yourself: how would I do it without a screen?

Bonus resource

I use this free app to watch screens at night, on computer and smartphone (in case you don’t have an automatic setting on your phone already).

f.lux: software to make your life better