Reset your mind

Mind. Working incessantly.

In the daytime we think. In the night-time we dream.


When do we rest it? When do we take care of it? 

As anything else in our bodies, Mind too needs its recovery time.

Mind is the author of all of our thoughts. Our actions are the result of our thoughts (emergency situations aside).

Mind generating thoughts.

Thoughts generating actions.

Actions piling up in habits. 

If we want to (re)discover our connection to Nature and what Nature means to us, we need to step back and observe. We can’t do it while rushing through our usual daily habits, daily actions, daily thoughts. 

This is a no-brainer: to change any sort of action in our lives, first we need to change the thought that generates it. 


How can we change thoughts? 

In my personal experience (and the one of many other people for the past couple of thousands of years…), meditation is key.


A meditation practice is the most simple, accessible and powerful tool to reset your mind.


I guess many of you are already familiar with mindfulness and meditation. I will talk more about this topic and my experience with it in a future post.

Below, I will share with you another way you can reset your mind. 


When traveling is not enough

Another great way to attain a shift of perspective in the way you see the world is traveling. Now, this is a no-brainer, too. 


When you feel tired, it is likely you will get some time off to go on vacation and “reset” your mind. To unwind and release some of the stress you have to deal with on an everyday basis.

A change of setting always is good for when you want to have a break.

Then you come back. Go back to your job, your yoga course, your responsibilities, your home, your daily life. As it always has been. You spend time sharing pictures of the vacation that just ended and you already can’t wait until the next one. 

Well, your mind might have had a “vacation”.

It has rested, yes.

Not reset, though.

A reset is when something gets rebooted. Radically changed. 



I have a personal record of changing the place where I live every now and then. I tried living in different continents (Europe / Asia) and different settings (rural / urban). People in my family put “the traveler” tag on me.

However, I don’t feel like any of those.

Traveling is awesome, it’s  a lot of fun! 

But I stopped touristic traveling about four years ago. I started relocating instead. 


You don’t have to become a nomad to try this

It is not important for how long you do it, but how you do it. 

Move to a new place with the “becoming a local” mindset. 

Move to another city. Even better, another country. Even better, another continent.

Don’t go there for vacation. Don’t go visit on the weekend just because the flight was cheap…

Go to live there. It doesn’t have to be forever. It can be for a few weeks, months, or years.

But you are not visiting. You are learning a new culture, adapting to new challenges, acquiring a new language, melting into an undetected web of unwritten social rules.

Eventually, you will give up some of your old thoughts and replace them with new ways of thinking. 

And the best part is, without you noticing it.


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