Ep 23 • 💁 How to Stretch your Feet with Correct Toes™

A quick live video guide to learn how to stretch your feet &  spread your toes with the toe spacer correct toes™


 How to stretch your feet:


  1. sit down
  2. take your shoes off
  3. cross the fingers of your hand with opposite foot toes (like shown in the video)
  4. hold for as long as it feels comfortable 




How to stretch your feet with Correct Toes:


  1. put your toe spacers on 
  2. do whatever you like (walking, yoga, cooking, writing, working, sleeping, etc…) 


It is easy to learn how to stretch your feet & toes, but it may be challenging to find the time to do it during the day. 



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The hand-foot stretch is great, but it is difficult to find time for it on a regular basis…

How many activities can you accomplish with your hands in your toes?

That’s why I love Correct Toes, so I can stretch my feet for a few hours every day and get stuff done in the meanwhile! 

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Why? Because these toe spacers made such a big difference in in my transition to barefoot shoes- I know they will give good results to you, too! 

Be patient & consistent and wear them for as much time as possible. 




Correct Toes review:  the toe spacer that changed my life 


I’ve been using Correct Toes™ toe spacer for over 2 years and my feet have gained a lot of strength & stability. 


Furthermore, the toe spacer helped me to visibly reduce my bunion (due to poor postural & life habits – that I’ve promptly changed indeed when I understood how important it is to stay healthy in my body!). 


Feet are the foundations of our body alignment structure… without feet we cannot stand! 


Unfortunately, for cultural & societal reasons, our feet spend the bulk of their lives constricted in tight shoes. 


That’s why they become ugly & weak. We get bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis and all kind of foot issue


Stretching your feet & toes on a regular basis is a great way to prevent & sometimes cure some of the above mentioned issues. 


watch the video to see how to use correct toes


… and let me know if it made a difference in your (feet) life! 

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Want better balance & foot strength? Stretch your feet!