Circular Fashion @The Canvas by Querencia Studio New York

This article was written for and originally published on “The Palette”, a publication by The Canvas – Querencia Studio New York.

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The n°1 thing to make sustainable fashion more transparent and circular

Each individual got the opportunity to express their creativity through fashion design and to re-explore the good old practices of sustainability, which often means artisanally and locally made with redeemed or upcycled materials. This led to a not-so-symphonic chorus of voices, each with their own understanding and interpretation of the abstract concept of “sustainable fashion.” Shall it be durable? Shall it be a-seasonal? Shall it be inclusive, a-gender, socially impactful, zero-waste, biodegradable, or…?

We, the people working for and loving sustainability, created an unruled jungle of terminologies and conflicting priorities which is difficult to grasp for the insiders, let alone for the outsiders trying to get it. Like walking into a Costa Rica natural park, their attention is caught by every delightful sound, color and feather they see. They are surrounded by options of “becoming sustainable” and they all look great, shiny and with a big promise of boosting up their sales charts.

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The Canvas by Querencia Studio is a sustainable marketplace for fashion, art and experiences. Using the UN SDGs as a prerequisite to entry they curate ethical and sustainable brand. Physically based in New York and Antwerp.