The day when I deleted my Facebook Page

Slut. Bye bye. Finish. Delete permanently. 

On the same week when I am officially launching my website I did what any digital marketing agency would consider a blasphemy.


I deleted my Facebook business page.


Why? Because I don’t like it. 


If I don’t “like” it to start with, why should people “like” it? 


A minute or so later, riding the same wave of social media anarchy, I ____  my Instagram profile. Oh, what did I do with it?! Won’t tell you… Nobody will notice anyway, except for my 2 trusted followers. 

I might not be a marketing guru, but my adventurous blogging experiments started over six years ago have taught me that if I don’t like something, I will never work on it. Then what’s the point of having a semi-dead Facebook page? 

Intuitive marketing is the future of marketing.

I am not talking about big companies. I am talking about small, lifestyle businesses that were born out of a passion – and therefore a passion should possibly remain! 

You might be thinking now… the Facebook page shows the content you yourself decide to upload on it, so if you don’t like it, just change it! Put on something different! Update your photos! Tweak your tone of voice!

True, I could do that. However, what I don’t like is not the Facebook page per se. 

Old memories from my deceased Facebook page.

Old memories from my deceased Facebook page.

What I dislike is having to think about it, feeling compelled to post something – as I am supposed to post something every day to keep up with the internet hasted rhythm, right?!

I don’t like to feel disconnected from a digital wall that can’t be too impersonal – because, hey, we are on Facebook! – and can’t bee too personal either – because, hey, this is a business Facebook page!

We know that everything we post affects our reputation. A quirky post today… a likely bankrupt tomorrow. 

Deleting my professional Facebook page is a small-scale stress relief.

I realised I don’t need it and my audience does not need it either! My target audience are people like you, who while reading this post are empathising with it, who appreciate greatly the time spent off-line and the value of their online privacy. They are not concerned about the numbers of likes, numbers of reviews, engagement, and so on. 

This is not the first time I thought of The Art of Green as a social media free website.

I’d rather communicate through individual emails, phone calls and in person meetings and events. I find the latter means of communications to be more thoughtful.

Quality vs. quantity. 


Even though I dream about a future without social media at all – and I guess I am not the only one here – for somebody who believes in her message and who is eager to share it with the world, social media presence is an unavoidable step. To be fair, it becomes something to be grateful for, cause it makes accessible unforeseen possibilities of conversations and encounters.

The moment to delete all of my personal profiles has not come yet, but I can choose to avoid unnecessary noise on my timeline – and yours.

Bye bye Facebook page, hello meaningful conversations. 


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