This is how I celebrate Earth Day 2016

Hi there! 

Today the world celebrates Earth Day in memory of the environmentalist protest of 1970.

Usually, I like to celebrate Earth Day by going out on the streets and asking people which actions they take for the Planet.

The first time I did it it was over four years ago, accompanied by my good friend from childhood E. I remember we were strolling around the park in my hometown (Il Parco di Monza) stopping people passing by and asking them if they were aware of their consumption of water … I let you imagine the startled reaction of a bunch of uninformed Italian housekeepers in early 2010s! Anyway, for as little as it could have helped, fun it was! 

This year I just moved to a new city and a new country (ibiza, Spain) and I am a bit caught up in the process of settling down here. Not sure if I will have the right company to keep up with the tradition. 

Nonetheless, I’d like to virtually celebrate Earth Day with you by sharing some very cool pictures from a blog called Earth Patterns, “Beautiful things of Our Planet, found on Google Maps”. 

This is my favorite one… 

View more Earth Patterns

Have a joyful Earth day everyone! remember to have fun with your loved ones!


Sara Francesca