What is Jiyo wellbeing app by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a world renown bestselling author and meditation coach.

I first met him through his book Unconditional Life that reports stories of mind/body healing through the power of Trascedental Meditation practice. I read it while I was going through my own healing process in India. If we believe mind and body are connected, we understand healing can’t happen but at multiple levels… Entrancing book.

I didn’t dig deeper into Deepak’s work until last week I found out he launched a free app. 

It’s called “Jiyo, your better half”.

The app has about a week of life on my phone and it has already set a record: it is the only app I didn’t turn the notifications off. 

One to three times a day the Jiyo icon will silently appear onto my screen and make me smile with a simple message to improve wellbeing and awareness. Most of it is stuff I already know, yet I appreciate the conciseness and sweet perseverance of the messages. 

The tips are varied, from book recommendations to breathing techniques, stretching movements, wisdom pills, relationship advice, and so on.  

Try to download it and see if it does the trick for you. A nice way to pour some mindfulness into your summer. Effortlessly… 


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